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Fact 06
RGB pure laser outperforms blue only laser phosphor illumination.
Fact 06

RGB pure laser outperforms blue only laser phosphor illumination

Although RGB pure laser and blue only laser phosphor are both classified as laser illuminated projectors, RGB pure laser offers precision that was previously unobtainable. The color gamut, brightness, contrast and operational life of pure laser have lifted the industry into a new era of visuals and reliability. This is in large part a result of system design.

RGB pure laser features individual red, green and blue laser diodes with specific wavelengths allowing these projectors to be incredibly efficient.

A blue only laser phosphor projector only uses blue laser diodes and requires extensive filtering and color correction to achieve acceptable color created with a rotating phosphor wheel, which degrades over time. This difference in efficiency has impacts on color, brightness and operational life – making it very important to understand what you are getting when deciding which illumination platform to choose.

blue only laser phosphor RGB pure laser
Color Rec. 709, DCI-P3* Rec. 709, DCI-P3, and up to Rec. 2020
Brightness Up to 33,000 lumens Up to 60,000 lumens
Contrast 2,000:1 6,000:1
Operational life 30,000 hours to 50% brightness 30,000 hours to 80% brightness

*only with extensive yellow notch filtering and color correction which reduces brightness nearly 50%

Color gamut comparison

Bright, bold and vibrant colors can bring a movie to life! One of the major benefits of RGB pure laser is its ability to produce a wide color gamut, replicating Rec. 2020, which exceeds the DCI spec. Take a look at the charts to see how each illumination platform compares when it comes to producing colors.

Illumination type Color gamut Notes
RGB pure laser Rec. 709, DCI P3 and up to Rec. 2020 The only projection technology to approach full Rec. 2020
Xenon lamps DCI P3 Xenon offers a natural illumination that
achieves DCI-P3 color standards.
Blue only laser phosphor DCI P3, Rec. 709 Achieved with a Yellow Notch Filter (YNF)
Blue only laser phosphor requires more aggressive filtering and color correction