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Fact 09
Affordable RGB pure laser projectors for every cinema screen size are available now.
Fact 09

Affordable RGB pure laser projectors are available now

The preferred platform for premium large format theatres, RGB pure laser projectors are now available for small screen and mainstream cinemas as well. First demonstrated at CineAsia 2016, Christie has been touring its RGB pure laser projectors around the world, presenting them at various trade shows, events and private demos. The response has been ecstatic!

Christie’s CineLife+ series cinema projectors are available and poised to help push cinema forward into the next era of innovation. Much like digital cinema did in the early 2000s, RGB pure laser has opened up an entirely new realm of possibilities. Audiences revel in bright, brilliant and detailed visuals and colors; exhibitors benefit from the low maintenance and lower TCO brought on by RGB laser projection; and filmmakers can create spectacular content that has never before been seen on-screen.

The future is bright! The future is now!

Download the CineLife+ linecard.

Christie RGB pure laser in cinema news

James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment renews exclusive technology collaboration agreement with Christie to drive cinema innovation Read the full press release.

Watch this video and learn more about Christie’s RGB pure laser projection solutions for mainstream cinemas.

Cost of operation comparison

It’s important to understand how much your cinema projector will cost you over the course of its lifetime. By combining the purchase price with the costs associated with changing the light source, this chart gives you an idea of what each illumination platform will cost you over 30,000 hours.

Operating parameters:

  • 52 weeks/year
  • 7 days/week
  • 10 hours/day
  • 30,000 hours of runtime
  • 20,000 lumens brightness
Blue only laser phosphor vs RGB pure laser

Comparing the costs and benefits of 20K lumen cinema projectors over 30,000 hours

Illumination Blue only laser phosphor RGB pure laser
Color Rec.709, DCI-P31 Rec. 709, DCI-P3, and up to Rec. 2020
Brightness Up to 33,000 lumens Up to 60,000 lumens
Contrast 2,000:1 6,000:1
Operational life 30,000 hours to 50% brightness 30,000 hours to 80% brightness
Projector cost2 $65,000 $95,000
Illumination cost2 $10,400
(2 illumination system replacements)
No replacement necessary
Total cost2 $75,400 $95,000

1 Only with extensive yellow notch filtering and color correction which reduces brightness nearly 50%
2 Prices are provided for illustrative purposes only without inclusion of duties, taxes or shipping. For actual pricing please contact a Christie Sales Manager.

Brightness over 30,000 hours

The graph below compares brightness drop-off of the different illumination platforms over 30,000 hours (around eight years for a typical cinema projector). Xenon bulbs burn out the quickest, but are also the most affordable to replace. Blue only laser phosphor light modules will last a little more than a year, but need to be sent back to the factory for replacement. RGB pure laser maintains 80% of brightness over 30,000 hours (eight years) of use.

Discover your TCO

Our sales team is ready to crunch the numbers and help you compare the total cost of ownership between projectors with different illumination platforms. Have a Christie sales manager contact you to calculate the TCO of your next cinema projection purchase.

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