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Fact 07
RGB pure laser is the only projection platform capable of achieving Rec. 2020 color.
Fact 07

RGB pure laser is capable of achieving Rec. 2020 color

RGB pure laser projectors use banks of laser diodes in individual red, green and blue color primaries. These diodes are color-mixed to produce a nearly infinite amount of pure, rich colors in the visible spectrum, including pure white light. With advanced design and engineering, Christie has been able to replicate the Rec. 2020 color space using its RGB pure laser projector – an industry first!

Color gamut comparison

Bright, bold and vibrant colors can bring a movie to life! One of the major benefits of RGB pure laser is its ability to produce a wide color gamut, replicating Rec.2020, which exceeds the DCI spec. Take a look at the charts to see how each illumination platform compares when it comes to producing colors.

Illumination type Color gamut Notes
RGB pure laser Rec. 709, DCI P3 and up to Rec. 2020 The only projection technology to approach full Rec. 2020
Xenon lamps DCI P3 Xenon offers a natural illumination that
achieves DCI-P3 color standards.
Blue only laser phosphor DCI P3, Rec. 709 Achieved with a Yellow Notch Filter (YNF)
Blue only laser phosphor requires more aggressive filtering and color correction
Another way of looking at color

RGB pure laser introduces an entirely new dimension of color palette that Xenon and blue only laser phosphor can’t reproduce. In order to appreciate the increased volume of color, we need to compare brightness and color in 3D using the Lu’v’ and IPT color spaces. These color spaces take advantage of the most recent advances in color science and more accurately reveal the differences between DCI-P3 and Rec.2020.

Color realism

One of the greatest benefits of an expanded color gamut is saturation. Producing rich, deep and intense colors, RGB pure laser not only provides more realistic visuals on-screen, but also gives content creators and filmmakers access to a greater palette to choose from, enabling on-screen experiences that have never before been possible.

Cinema projection

Explore why RGB laser projection delivers a truly superior experience and will soon become the dominant illumination technology for lighting up cinema screens.

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